Susan DanielsWe would like to welcome you to our first blog posting with a big announcement. Cabin Keeper has new ownership!!!  Susan and Mike Daniels (or actually our corporation, Best Value Engineering, Inc.) bought the business from Dave Cherry (DDC Enterprises). Our aim is to enhance the effectiveness of the business by incorporating more services and tailoring our program to your individual needs.  Dave’s still doing some consulting with us to be sure no balls are dropped.

We’ve freshened up the website to include this blog which will address common property issues in the north Georgia mountains. We’re working on updated pricing and would appreciate your input.  If you were a present customer of Cabin Keeper under Dave, then we will honor those prices for a while—but we think you’ll see the value in the new pricing as you get to know us. We will provide anything from full Turnkey Property Management services down to routine, as-needed services in accordance with your needs—no cabin or service level is too big or too small for the new Cabin-Keeper business!

One of the big differences between the old and new Cabin Keeper is that we want to grow the business. And we want you to help us! We will offer a referral fee of $100 for every referral you send our way that results in a new customer! Just email us at [email protected] with the prospect’s contact info. If they agree to give us a try and stay with us for 90 days, we’ll give you a credit of $100 or send you a check at your discretion.

Read over our updated website information and please feel free to comment or ask questions. One of the questions we have received deals with renting of your cabin home. While we won’t get involved in the vacation rental business (we’ve done it!), we will be happy to refer you to the best vacation cabin rental company in the area.

Come back for future blogs that will address issues pertinent to Cabin owners in the North Georgia Mountains! We’re shooting for new blogs every 2 weeks or more frequent if possible. If you have a question or topic you want us to cover in a future blog, send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to address it!