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Future postings will discuss cabin maintenance and address the many mysteries that plague so many vacation homeowners today, such as how to deal with service people, why to have a key holder, information about the ever-puzzling private septic systems and wells found at so many vacation homes.  Most importantly, we aim to show you how to spend more time enjoying the home and less time working on it!  We want to address the subjects that tend to get overlooked, either because homeowners simply do not think to ask about the topics or do not know who to ask about these things. Since folks are always fascinated to hear about the things we have learned in this business over the years, our intent is to pass along helpful vacation home tips to readers. These are hints that we gathered from our own personal experiences owning real estate as well as tips we learned professionally by running our second home property management business. Refer to this website when you need solutions to current problems at your cabin, cottage, or vacation home or need preventative maintenance to prevent those problems from ever occurring.  If you don’t see an issue addressed, ask us about it.

Time to Spread Spring Mulch

Right now, all we’re seeing and hearing about is social distancing methods to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.   But at Cabin-Keeper, this is our time to spread Spring mulch before the heat of the summer arrives, which will hopefully also take care of the virus. Why do we recommend mulching?  There are multiple…



There is so much news bombarding us regarding the Coronavirus outbreak—it’s almost overwhelming.   Major events are being cancelled or postponed (can you believe we have no NCAA March Madness tournament and no Masters Tournament!).   Schools and universities are being shuttered and going to online classes.   Offices are closing and office workers are going to fulltime…



A home warranty is a service contract that pays the cost of repair or replacement of covered items such as major kitchen appliances, as well as electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems.   Depending on why the service is needed, home warranty plans can overlap with homeowner’s insurance coverage.   For instance, if your home suffers…


Inspect for Storm Property Damage after Bad Weather

We are fortunate to experience four wonderful seasons here in the north Georgia mountains.   But this is the time of year when weather can change quickly.   As I’m writing this blog in early February, the north Georgia mountains received 5+ inches of snow after starting the week with a 70-degree sunny day.   In between, we…


Log Cabin Deck Maintenance

North Georgia is fortunate to have year-round moderate temperatures making deck use a favorite past-time.   Indeed, many cabins are designed with outdoor use in mind with dining and living areas featuring hot tubs, fireplaces, play areas and even flatscreen TVs.  Decks probably take more abuse than any other area of your mountain home.  Decks are…


Cabin Keeper Has New Ownership

We would like to welcome you to our first blog posting with a big announcement. Cabin Keeper has new ownership!!!  Susan and Mike Daniels (or actually our corporation, Best Value Engineering, Inc.) bought the business from Dave Cherry (DDC Enterprises). Our aim is to enhance the effectiveness of the business by incorporating more services and…