Offering Turnkey Property Management, Home Watch, Property Maintenance and Concierge Services

Knowing that someone is visiting your cabin periodically as well as checking your cabin after storms or inclement weather gives a person peace of mind. Cabin-Keeper provides professional, dependable, and personal care for your second home in the Georgia mountains.

We have over 30 years of experience in real estate property management, cabin maintenance, and/or the cabin protection service industry.  Indeed, our owners who perform or oversee all efforts are degreed and experienced mechanical engineers. We have the experience of taking care of many properties over the years. Plus, we’ve been in the area long enough to know which craft people do the best work and can do it on your schedule and terms.   We are insured by the renowned Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies so you know you are receiving superior services.

Some of the many services Cabin-Keeper offers are:

  • Visiting and checking periodically on your cabin with reports via personal phone calls, chats or emails
  • Cleaning the home on a seasonal or post-visit basis
  • Preparing your home for your arrival with provisions of food, staples, and firewood
  • Checking your propane tank to ensure adequate gas and no leaks
  • Dealing with the subcontractors, contractors, and craft people
  • Taking digital pictures of damages and/or needed repairs to email to the homeowner with potential fixes
  • Providing a personalized “cabin security” checklist
  • Forwarding any important mail
  • Keeping a protective eye on your property
  • Checking for power outages and impacts including resetting of auto on/off switches for lights, etc.
  • Preventing or repairing frozen pipes, or other effects of various weather conditions
  • Checking appliances, mechanical equipment, A/C and furnaces, plumbing systems, water heaters, phones, and cable/satellite/DSL services
  • Checking all windows and seals around doors
  • Attending to house plants
  • Keeping soft water systems and other water filtrations systems working and properly maintained
  • Watching electric meters or online power usage reports to ensure nothing is drawing electrical service needlessly
  • Keeping surfaces free of leaves and debris around the home
  • Dealing with tree removal
  • Handling water heater issues
  • Protecting and cleaning up from animal, bug, and human invasions
  • Inspecting after heavy wind, rain, snow and ice storms to ensure your home is safe and secure
  • Helping with local administrative tasks: electricity, water, gas, insurance, tax matters, etc.
  • Accepting deliveries for you
  • Recommending different skilled craft people to keep your property in top shape.
Cabin Maintenance and Upkeep in North Georgia

Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Inspecting and informing you of maintenance needs such as deck refinishing, etc. (see our Log Cabin Deck Maintenance Blog)
  • Organizing appointments to obtain estimates and manage maintenance repairs.
  • Prescreening qualified craftsmen to do the work on your property.
  • Reviewing and inspecting craftsman projects—we can be on-site during work if you like.
  • Keeping the pools and spas in excellent working order.
  • Performing seasonal or year-round yard work.
  • Cleaning decks and gutters.
  • Providing turnkey property management and maintenance services at your desire.
Cabin Maintenance and Upkeep in North Georgia
Turnkey Property Management Services in Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Blairsville, GA

Welcome and Departure Services

  • Preparing your second home for your arrival and/or the arrival of your guests including services such as cleaning; heating/air-conditioning checks and proper thermostat settings; laundering; setting up the outdoor furniture; blowing off outside decks and drives; shopping for groceries, flowers, wine, etc.
  • Securing your property after you leave to include turning off unnecessary appliances, adjusting thermostats, cleaning the house and ensuring all access points are locked
Personal shopping services for North Georgia Cabins

Personal Shopping Services

  • Filling the frig and cupboards with the food you want to save you time upon arrival
  • Stocking your favorite wine or other beverage
  • Recommending/buying home furnishings and kitchenware
  • Decorating for holidays, anniversary or birthday celebrations
Personal shopping services for North Georgia Cabins
Property Management in Gilmer, Fannin and Union counties in the North Georgia Mountains


We focus on Gilmer, Fannin and Union counties in the North Georgia Mountains. We can take on property management tasks in any of these areas, including Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Blairsville, GA.

Cabin-Keeper is your one source to address common questions such as:

  • The security alarm alerted us. How soon can you go check on things?
  • What can I do to keep my driveway from washing out?
  • What if there is a water leak in the house?
  • Who can meet with contractors to get quotes?
  • Can you be there to let my exterminator in the house?
  • How do we maintain that “lived-in” look?
  • Why are bears always showing up at our cabin?
  • Can you help us keep down the wasp nests? What about carpenter bee infestations?
  • How are flying squirrels getting into our home?
  • What about watering my outdoor plants and shrubs during the heat of the summer?
  • Will you water and fertilize my indoor plants to keep them looking good?
  • Can someone please remove the limbs from the roof and yard that are continually falling?
  • Can you plant some rhododendrons or other shrubs and plants around the place?
  • I forgot to pay my utility or tax bill on time, what now?
  • How do I ensure quick response after a major storm?
  • Can you be there when my insurance company comes out to inspect the damage?
  • What do we do about rodent or insect problems?
  • What if we receive important mail or a package delivery?
  • We go to Florida every winter; how can we get your service when we’re away?
  • How often should someone check on our cabin?
  • I’ve got friends coming up, can someone have the place look presentable and clean up and secure the home after they leave?