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We are committed to making your second (or third, etc.) home a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing experience.



Offering Turnkey Property Management, Home Watch, Property Maintenance and Concierge Services

Our Cabin-Keeper service specializes in caring for vacation retreat homes and their owners

We treat our customers’ homes as we would care for our own cabin or second home, and we are right here in the North Georgia Mountains to better assist you in handling your property maintenance or other related affairs.

Daily we interact with all types of homeowners. This includes folks who leave their mountain home unoccupied because it’s not their primary home; or they have a schedule that calls for frequent or long travels away; folks who close up a cabin in the woods for the long winter; folks concerned about potential property damage from storms or critters; folks who own multiple homes; and many folks in between. No matter what the case, all these people have something in common, they want peace of mind knowing that the place they own is being cared for while they are away, and they want to be able to enjoy their homes when they come to visit without spending the entire time on home and yard projects.

Two things are most important to enjoy your mountain home experience—being an informed homeowner and then applying your knowledge. Many folks just do not realize all the responsibilities that come with owning a vacation home and all the special attention that a second home requires. Even though the cabin or house may be vacant for long periods, it is imperative to maintain it if you do not want future problems (and expense!). If you do not want to maintain it or do not have the time to manage it properly, you should consider finding someone else (an individual or a company) to do this for you. That’s where we come in.

Property Management and Upkeep for Cabins in North GeorgiaWhether you are interested in occasional house watching services, a home maintenance project, yard care or turnkey property management for one home, multiple homes, a log cabin in the woods or a beautiful lake house, we can assist you. Primarily, we focus on the vacation or future retirement home, purchased as a second or third home, which is used only a few days, weeks, or months out of the year. The good news is that no matter where your home is located or what construction it may be, caring for it when you are away is generally the same—though log cabins do present some unique issues. All vacant and isolated homes create some special concerns, and Cabin-Keeper addresses those concerns.

The Cabin Keeper Difference for Property Management in North Georgia

We have created Cabin-Keeper to relieve the burdens of second home ownership in the North Georgia mountains and to take away the work and worry of managing your mountain retreat. Cabin care and home security is a primary concern. We want you to be able to arrive at your home, unlock the door and start your vacation visit on a relaxing note, including having your refrigerator stocked, the wine chilling and the hot tub at your perfect temperature.

The concierge services we offer can be anything from keeping staples in the kitchen to buying all the food and refreshments you will need during your visit. Our yard services can take a significant burden off the shoulders of the homeowner; this service (including pruning, weed eating or weed killer application, putting out pine straw, planting shrubs and flowers, and other services) can be provided seasonally or year-round.

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Future postings will discuss cabin maintenance and address the many mysteries that plague so many vacation homeowners today, such as how to deal with service people, why to have a key holder, information about the ever-puzzling private septic systems and wells found at so many vacation homes, and most importantly, how to spend more time enjoying the home and less time working at caring for it!  We want to address the subjects that tend to get overlooked, either because homeowners simply do not think to ask about the topics or do not know who to ask about these things. Since folks are always fascinated to hear about the things we have learned in this business over the years, our intent is to pass along helpful vacation home tips to readers. These are hints and tips that we gathered from our own personal experiences owning real estate as well as tips we learned professionally by running our second home property management business. Refer to this website when you need solutions to current problems at your cabin, cottage, or vacation home or need preventative maintenance to prevent those problems from ever occurring.  If you don’t see an issue addressed, ask us about it.


New cabin referrals are greatly appreciated, and we will offer you an incentive to do so.  Check out our very first blog for details!

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